Wet Ride

Hey guys n gals:

I was about to head out for a ride when I heard the thunder just now. Reminded me to remind you to remind me to tell you that you should always have rain gear handy in the event of sudden and unexpected t-boomers. Nothing worse than getting a bunch of miles from home and then seeing those clouds roll in. So if rain is anywhere in the vicinity, go on and bring some plastic or a light jacket or something to cover up because there’s nothing worse than getting so wet you can’t even shake the fur dry.  Don’t forget a juicy bone to gnaw on in case you’re stuck for awhile. I think Cliff is making bones now covered in oatmeal and chocolate chips. Can’t beat a Squirrel Nut Zipper either. Anyway, I’ll be seeing you out there I hope and stay safe and have fun!

Furrily yours,

Fur E. Rider

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