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  1. Jessie Crow Mermel
    Jessie Crow Mermel at |

    Hey there!

    I found out about you guys by the one an only time I have ever scanned a QR code on the Old Stone Bridge. You guys are awesome!

    It got me to thinking – I am one of the core organizers of the new Forest City 350 group and we have a break-out group called Arts & Public Theater. We want to make some noise about climate change.. You guys seem like you like to make a scene. I’m wondering if we can talk about ideas for future actions. Interested?



  2. Linda Lee
    Linda Lee at |

    I rode the Tour de Frost with a few other guys from our club. Several of us are planning to ride Furryville.

    A lot of folks look for upcoming rides here:

    Maybe a consideration to further advertise your cause?


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