About the team

WHO WE ARE: Team Fur Bandit steals the attention away from the negativity in the world and renews the interest in fun, fur and philanthropy. We’re about good deeds, a good time and creating a connected cycling community. We make it our personal responsibility to look out for the well being of our community and those around us.

We are North America’s premiere professional fur-covered bicycle cycling team based out of Rockford, Illinois, taking our furry bikes wherever the roads lead us, while helping those who need us the most. To combine a desire to give and a passion for cycling, the team officially formed in 2010 as a giving source to residents in need around the Rock River Valley community. It donates dollars raised through biking events to local charities.

ORIGINS: The early version of what is now known as Team Fur Bandit began in July 2006 as Kyle Thompson and DJ Wilson set forth on RAGRBRAI, a seven-day bicycle ride across the state of Iowa. Kyle has an affinity for furring up bikes and DJ found himself in a predicament — his modified Schwinn varsity 10-speed chopper broke. He opted to use his father’s 10-speed Raleigh and continue with the ride. To add an element of distinction, he too furred up his bike and liked the attention received from riders and onlookers.

COMMUNITY COMMITENT: Team Fur Bandit has done riding events to benefit Rosie’s Birthday Club, the Rockford Rescue MissionThe Fish-Abled Foundation, our local food pantry and other organizations close to our heart. We are active supporters of the Rockford Cycling Community and other community events such as Rockford Meltfest 5k and city parades.
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  1. Leah Nelson
    Leah Nelson at |

    love the idea … I am part of a Stitch n Bitch group that meets at the Olympic … can we link up??

    1. Max G.
      Max G. at |

      Leah, I’m sure we can arrange a get together sometime!


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